Andersonville Prison Camp

Andersonvile civil war prison camp was located in the village in Sumpter county, Georgia. During the Civil War there were two prison camps on both sides. In November of 1863, confederate captain W.Sidney Winder was sent to the village of Sumpter camp (actually Andersonville). Sindney Winder was sent there to capture Soldiers. Andersonville is the worst part of the Civil War. Andersonville camp is was officially named Sumpter camp. Anderson prison camp is one of the largest military camps.

There were over 45,000 soldiers in the prison. Almost 13,000 soldiers died because of disease, overcrowding and soldiers killing other soldiers for room. A guy named John McElroy had wrote in 1864 in beginning of his job that the confederacy prison camp is officially located in southwest Georgia. Anderson camp was built in the early 1864 before they wanted to move the camp to Richmond, VA. IN the camp there was a stockade. The stockade was 1,620 feet long,and 779 feet wide. The stockade wall was constructed like pine logs.

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