The Civil War lasted from 1861-1865. During the war both the north and the south used many types of weapons. some of the most important weapons were boats and submarines

marine vehicles

Hunley made in 1862

the official states of America used submarines in combat . they were built small and use stem powered engines and could successfully sink their target. it could disable a pound spar torpedo but not sink it. the Hunley was operated by 8 men to get the propeller was a crank that the men had to turn to get the propeller to spin the Hunley's first test was February 16,1864 in 1961 Brutus De Villeroi convince that he could make a submersible warship on may 1, 1862 the 47 foot oar pronged alligator became the first submersible war ship of the united states navy its first mission was to destroy a bridge and clear obstructions on Virginia appomatox and the James river unfortunately neither rivers were deep enough for the hunely to submerge and it returned to Washington navy yard but they did try it in the Potomac river witch proved that hunley was un powered unwieldy and very unsafe so the plan was abandoned

torpedo boat made in 1961

the civil war saw a number of innovations in navel warfare including in the first torpedo boat witch was 30 to 50 meters in length with up to three torpedo launchers and small gunsthey hqad the speed of 20 to 30 knots 37 to 57 kilometers per hour and carried spar torpedoes 1861 president Lincoln instituted in a naval blockade of southern ports witch crippled in the south's effort to obtain war materials from abroad the south also lacked the means to build a naval fleet on the unions navy