The Civil War was from 1861-1865. There were many battles during this war. One of the longest and bloodeest battles of the war was Bull Run.


This is the place where the bull run solders came threw before the war started.

Battlefield of Bull Run
Battlefield of Bull Run

This is where the battle of bull run took place and where so many men have died and have been hurt really badly. All the men were cut,brused,and had got shot really badly. The people who tried to take care of some of the soilders had put a number 1234or5 to determen how badly hurt they are. If that number is a five they will not try to do anything they would just give them what ever they want.If that number was a one,two,or three they might be able to do something to take care of the soilders.

Bull Run Battle Map
Bull Run Battle Map

This is where the soilders were coming threw before they got to fiighting any one .

Union Soldier
Union Soldier

This is where the uion soilders were at the bull run just waiting around for orders to be anounced to them and trying to find valuable things.


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