Hospitals And Medicine

During the Civil War there were thousands wounded and very few doctors/ surgeons. So for the sake of time and others lives, Doctors developed a technique that would save dozens of lives. Their technique was to write a number on a wounded soldier and move on to the next wounded soldier.

Each Number would Be written on a scale from one to ten. Ten would Mean that a soldier can't get any Help and it also means that they'll die within three hours. Usually if Somebody is a six and above on the scale of how badly they're wounded, they need help. Most wounded soldiers didn't survive to see the sun rise or set and most wives were devastated at the loss of their husbands.

The different types of medicines that the doctors used were not like the advanced over-the-counter drugs that we use, and they didn't have penicillin shots.
they had simple medicines such as Morphine. Morphine was and extremely important drug that was used to medicate and treat wounds. Later, in 1863, doctors and surgeons started putting morphine into Opium Pills.

Also, During the Civil War, many soldiers had to get amputations because of their rotting flesh. Most soldiers did not survive this procedu

amputation.jpg antique_amputation_kit.jpg2)an antique amputation kit

1)A soldier getting his leg amputated.