life of a solider

when the soldiers aren't fighting they will mostly spend time drilling on the battle they will mostly spend time drilling on the battles techniques and strategies the rest of the spare time they are trying to prevent boredom or other days they will be making a plan

meals laundry cutting wood and writing letters to their family they would also horse racing gambling cards and dominoes to help prevent boredom

thousandths of young American left home to attend the battle the battle was an experience they will never forget. military people are many months away from home and their loved

Union soldiers wore wool uniforms that were well made because of the mills and manufacturers in the North. Over the jacket was a belt that held all kind of things like rubber blanket or poncho.

the food that they ate were rice peas dried fruit potatoes they had mainly had access to bacon cornmeal tobacco vegetables rice and coffee substitute they would also trade coffee with tobacco ,newspaper,buttons,and sewing needles.

the doctors they had had were poorly trained but treated nearly 10 million people that gotten hurt. the risk of an infection was nearly great and it will lead to death it was very hard for the doctors to work under a sanitary condition

there was a very bad bacteria called malaria caused by mosquito bites

Discipline in the army was strict, with most offenses punished by assigning extra duties. A crime such as thievery often resulted in the guilty man wearing a sign around his neck with large letters announcing his crime. Spying, desertion, or threats on an officer's life were punishable by death.

the disipline they have back then is worse than what we have now.

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