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Nearly 145 years have passed since Union Gen. William T. Sherman and 62,000 Union troops left a conquered Atlanta and began a 36-day blitz to Savannah, foraging on the land and committing some atrocities.and
As a result of Sherman successful campaign in Georgia, the Confederacy was split in two and deprived of much needed supplies, ending the war quickly with a Union victory.
sherman-sitting.jpg image.jpegnt did not have too look fare to use his Amy in a battle.B P . Just over the Savannah River was South Carolina, the first state to secede and the site of the first fighting at Fort Sumter. Many in Sherman army felt that South Carolina had caused the war and should be punished. The foraging in South Carolina was to be markedly more severe than it had been in GeorgiaSavannah_Campaign.png <---- OK this is the way Sherman whet trow and this wheat it look like when he was passing by a citycompromise.jpg This guy killed a lot of people and kids . and he behind ALL the home and stores BP blitz.jpgthis is what it mos lee look like when he was going throw bringing houses. and when he was done and by the sea thare was a big line and it look like this .images.jpg .