external image moz-screenshot.pngbelle_boyd_civil_war_loc.jpgSpies and Espionage

The civil war had saw more espionage than any other war.They had to go behind enemy lines and risk their lives just to collect information to help the soldiers, they also have to steal money too to buy more weapons for the war. The first mission they do is easy until the next mission they have to collect more information and the enemies have more protection. One Spy had to pay the price for stealing their money and got hanged from a tree.Most spies were women because the soldiers wouldn't expect women spying on the man and the women can get information by their devious ways.(Picture up top is a women spy)

There were a lot of Union spies but the Southern spies were more effective. Its wasn't based on skills to be a spy back then it's on infancy. Which means on how old you were the early the age the better. The civil war was almost like a big chess game if you make a mistake your going to get beat. It was even hard to encounter the most basic spying. The most damage that was caused in the war was from spying more than shooting.The Union's spy leader was Allan Pinkerton.