There were 23,000 soldiers either injured or missing in just twelve hours of the battle.six generals were killed mortally three of them were from the union and three of them were from the confederate.George Bush and McClellan and 90,000 union soldiers went near the town of sharpsburg.The battle of antietam was the bloodiest war in U.S. military.

The Federal lost 12,410 soldiers,and the confederate

lost 10,700 soldiers.There was alot of people killed in the antienam war.But it was not the most.It has alot of history and stories.On the battlefield of antienam they had over 500 cannons on high grounds.About 70-100 men were commanded by a captain.About 1,520 medals were awarded during the civil war.
This is the american flag
This was the enemy's flag

this weapon ranges up to 1,619 yards
this is the medal of honor