(=War on the high seas =)

We are doing war on the high seas. My expectations about this project will be about the first battles between ships such as the first battle between two ironclads,and battle between two carriers.These ships were used for many uses such as the blockade of 08/09/08 massive us Naval Armada Heads for Iran. The french naval war games in the Atlantic ocean resulted in a war at the Persian gulf. This game included a US super carrier battle group, Navy expeditionary carrier battle group. A royal carrier battle group and a french nuclear submarine

The US naval assembled these ships,
:Carrier strike group nine.
:US Abraham Lincoln nuclear the ships.
:Powered super carrier.
:Destroy squadron nine.
:USS mobile bay guided missile cruiser.
:USS pearl harbor assault ship!
This is only one of the many things that have happened the seas.The reason why i think the made ships was because infantry was to weak and access long distances
and did not have the high enough fire power that the army needed.For example the battle of Jutland of Germany only to be won by ships.

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